Fechten Fühlen (Feel Fencing) -The DVD to European Championchip 2010 in Leipzig

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The DVD of the event is out now: You can watch the most exciting, thrilling and amazing moments of the European Championship in best quality. Get it just for 24,90 € (5 or more: 17,90 € per DVD).

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Fernsehanalyse zur EM Fechten


Strong Germans finish with Bronze

That was pure drama. The "small final" in the men's epee could not have been directed better by more famous directors. 31:31 after the eighth bout, Christoph Kneip passes on to his team mate Jörg Fiedler. Another three minutes later it is 34:34 against the Swiss. Fiedler seems to challenge to get to the Sudden Death. It literally crackles in the hall. The Leipzig-born Fiedler waits almost 30 seconds for his chance and gets the decisive attack for 35:34. Then is not only the epee team which is freaking out. "Finally," moans national coach Didier Ollagnon. "This medal was so important for us", Ollagnon is retreating to enjoy the success his own way and to celebrate. At first everything went according to plan. Estonia was beaten in the opening fight with 41:35, Poland was defeated in the quarterfinals with 35:45 by Jörg Fiedler, Martin Schmitt (both TBB), Christoph Kneip (Leverkusen) and Steffen Launer (Böblingen). But then it followed a painful defeat against Ukraine. 39:45 was the score of the four Germans, which "only" left the small final to be fought. "The guys can do more. We have made too many errors and used only a few mistakes by the opponents", Didier Ollagnon is critical. Those guys used their potential in the decisive moment and brought the (finally) coveted medal. "We have fought us through. We have worked as a team. It was only fourth place at the World Cup, then maybe in a home match again forth place. You cannot have so much bad luck. Fortunately that has not happened ", snorted Fiedler relieved. The European title went to Hungary, which defeated Ukraine in the final match 45: 39. The Germans also made a good figure in the ladies sabre. Stefanie Kubissa, Davina Hirzmann (both Dormagen), Sibylle Klemm (TBB) and Anja Musch (Künzelsau) started with a 45:28 win against Iceland. In the quarterfinals, the Quartet met the world champion Ukraine, the low-ranking Germans lost with 45:25. Then a close 41:45 defeat against France followed, and finally a 45:44 win against Spain in the match for seventh place finished the German day. "The seventh place was our minimum goal. We look forward and will attack in Paris again", said national coach Eero Lehmann. The Ukrainians ended the last competition day with a victory against Russia (45:38) and became new European champions. Third place went to Italy, which could prevail over Hungary with 45:44.

Leipzig – A great place for Fencing

Unverzichtbar im Fechtsport: Die Kampfrichter der EM/ Foto: Attaque/AIF

While the last decisions are made during the European Fencing Championship in Leipzig, the German Fencing Confederacy and the European Fencing Association EFC are taking stock. “Feeling Fencing” is the motto of the event, some of the German top fencers were advertising for Leipzig and for their sport before the European Championship. “Not only we felt fencing, but also our guests enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere here in Leipzig.”, so the first conclusion of the President of the German Fencing Confederacy Gordon Rapp. “It was a very good platform for the German athletes to present themselves. This worked out quite well for them.”, he added. The results of the EC are really explicit: About 1200 participants, among them more than 400 fencers of 40 nations, and ca. 200 volunteers, were responsible for the success of the event. More than 100 journalists of 12 nations were reporting about the continental games in the metropolis of Saxony. All major German newspapers reported about the results, victories and defeats. German television showed almost three hours in total. The website of the German Fencing Confederacy registered about 12000 users every day and around 10000 spectators observed the combats of the EC live in the Arena Leipzig. “Before the European Championships I was asked for my wish concerning the event. Back then I said I would like a big festival for fencing. Today I can say that this really is a big festival for fencing.”, realized sport manager Manfred Kaspar in his summary. “We are especially happy about our fencers achieving five times noble metal. In doing so others who are not focussed that much were stepping into the breach. It is obvious that one does not win automatically when you are on top of the world ranking.”, continued Kaspar. Now he and German Fencing Confederacy President Rapp hope that the German team can repeat its success at the World Championship in Paris. “It was a great and successful championship.”, Frantisek Janda, the President of the European Fencing Association (EFC), praised the organizers around the development association Attaque d’Escrime and the German Fencing Confederacy. “It was excellent promotion for fencing. We want to open our sport to more people. That worked out for us here in Leipzig in an excellent way.” He finally added: “Thanks to the German Fencing Confederacy, to Attaque d’Escrime, to the German Fencing Confederacy, the City of Leipzig, the Free State of Saxony and the people in Leipzig for their support. I hope we will meet each other again for another championship in Leipzig.”

The German teams are empty handed

Fotos: Attaque/AIF

The sad faces of the German team fencers were quite visible to all. “Of cause we wanted to have a medal”, concluded the national coach in foil Uli Schreck. The German team lost against Great Britain in a very exciting fight in the last eight 41:45. Peter Joppich (Koblenz), Benjamin Kleibrink (TBB), Andre Wessels und Sebastian Bachmann (both Bonn) performed well but still were not able to beat the British team. After that match the Austrians awaited the Germans which the Germans lost as well 40:45. In the final fight for seventh place the team met up with the Romanians and finished with a victory (45-24). The national coach concluded, “so now the athletes deserve a break and they were very tired too. The pressure is gone now, and we are not the favourites in Paris. Now it is time to relax and regenerate and then we begin with the preparations for the World Cup. We will be very highly motivated and attack in Paris with full force.” The British team was able to secure the first ever team medal in the small final against Poland in a 44:37. In the final was the predicted two nations Italy and Russia, which Italy won in 45:33. Additionally, the ladies epee team of national coach Piotr Sozanski just missed out to the medals. Against Great Britain the ladies started with an expected victory (25:19), thereafter the team draw Poland and just lost in a last hit in Sudden Death. The dream of the final popped. In the final fight for the third place the Germans lost the bronze medal against France 35:45. Imke Duplitzer (Bonn), Britta Heidemann (Leverkusen), Monika Sozanska und Ricarda Multerer (both Heidenheim) performed well but were very disappointed. Britta Heidemann says, „the last time we lost to Poland at the world championships in Antalya, we lost in Sudden Death by one hit”. Eventually Poland went on to win over Italy in the final by 35:30 and secured the Gold medal.

The German dream story goes on

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Three podium finishes and third place in the medal table at the end of the individual events are the results of the German team. For the now upcoming part two, the German team expects a lot.

And this project both the teams in ladies foil and men’s sabre finished much better and proved the optimism. The ladies Foil quartet of Katja Wächter, Carolin Golubytskyi, Sandra Bingenheimer (all TBB) and Martina Zache laid out a furious start at the first day of team competition. In the opening battle they met Hungary and just won marginally with 31:32. Nevertheless the equipe focused again and followed with a clear victory against the raining Olympic and Vice World Champion Russia 37:25. That lead to the first big surprise at the today’s team competition and additionally reached the European Championship final. The team from national coach Lajos Somodi faced Italy in the final. And they were not planning to leave without giving a good fight. Till half-time the Germans kept a close result before Italy moved to victory with their "Grande Dame" Valentina Vezzali. 45:26 was the final score of the "Squadra Azzurra" against the German Ladies. "Of course we had not previously thought that it is going to be silver today, but if you stand in the finals, you want to win of course. But of course we are more than happy with our second place", said Katja Wächter shortly after the final and adds: "Of course we had big place after the rather disappointing individual results, hence Second place is a sort of satisfaction". After bronze at the World Cup in Antalya now the four win silver at the European Championships which in fact is the second team medal in a row.

Third place went to Russia in the small final, which just won with 30:29 against Poland. In men's sabre Nicolas Limbach, Max Hartung, Benedict Beisheim (all Dormagen) and Björn Hübner (TBB) already made a big impression in the quarterfinals. The team of coach Vilmos Szabo eliminated the reigning Olympic champion France clearly in a 45:36 victory. Even the defending champions Italy were brought to the brink of defeat by the equip Limbach & Co. It took an Aldo Montano, to avert the defeat of the Italian. Here the German Sabreurs met Russia in the small final, which lost to Ukraine in the semi-finals 44:45. The large target of reaching the last four was achieved and left room for more. 45:38 was set by Limbach and co-favorites against Russia and won the deserved bronze. "It's unbelievable. Of course you are disappointed when you lose. But we lose together and win together. All the greater is my joy over this third place. I've never had a team medal. That was an incredible total team effort", Nicolas Limbach then brought his feelings.

Old and new European champions in men's sabre are Italy, which won the final against Ukraine, with 45: 28.

Half Time at European Fencing Championships in Leipzig

After three days of individual competitions the German team can be quite happy with the progression of the European Fencing Championships: three medals
and 3rd rank in the medals table.

And right from the beginning of the team competitions the German teams continue to build on this success. Both the women’s foil and the men’s sabre team cause a furore in Leipzig. The women’s foil team consisting of Katja Wächter, Carolin Golubytskyi, Sandra Bingenheimer (alle Tauberbischofsheim) and Martina Zacke had a stunning start into the first day of team competitions. In the first match, Hungary was beaten by 32:31. In the semi final the protégés auf Coach Lajos Somodi celebrated a convincing 37:25 victory against world championships runner-up Russia and thus qualified for the final against Italy.

In the men’s sabre competition Nicolas Limbach, Max Hartung, Benedikt Beisheim (all Dormagen) and Björn Hübner (Tauberbischofsheim) demonstrated a mind-blowing performance already in the quarterfinals. The team Coached bei Vilmos Szabo clearly eliminated Olympic Champion France by 45:36. Defending European Champion Italy was also brought to the brink of defeat. It required a certain Aldo Montano to avert the Italian defeat. Therefore the German male sabre team will meet Russia (44:45 looser against Ukraine) in the match for the Bronze Medal

The German male épée team has to make do without former European Champion Sven Schmid. As Coach Didier Ollagnon informed in the press conference this morning Schmid is not able to start because of an elbow injury. Schmid’s position will be filled by Steffen Launer (Böblingen). “After the not satisfactory performance in the individual competition our clear goal is to win a medal with the team. The guys are able to do so, I am certain about that” stated Coach Didier Ollagnon.

It also became known that Alisher Usmanov, President of FIE, distributed a total of 100,000 US Dollars in prize money to the medal winners: Each champion gets 6,000 USD, runner-ups are awarded with 4,000 USD and bronze medallists receive 3,000 USD.

Sibylle Klemm surprises in Leipzig

Sybille Klemm surprised everybody on the third day of the European Championship in Leipzig where she won the Bronze medal in sabre.

The 26 year old student from Wurzburg was not scared of world-famous names and qualified for the direct elimination with only one defeat in the pools. She won against Petra Peto with 15 to 12 after having defeated Sandra Marco from Spain. In the quarter final Sybille Klemm had to fight against another top athlete: the vice world champion Olga Kharlan. Again she showed no fear and defeated the fencer from Ukraine with 15 to 11 in a world class bout. Sophie Velikaia who was 4th in the Olympic Games stopped Sybille Klemm in an indecisive fight where she won 15 : 10 at last. Her trainer was very satisfied: "It is a great success for Sybille and also for the women sabre. We were waiting for that. How she did fill in this vacuum and got a medal is really fantastic." "I am really happy to get onto the podium", the fencer from Tauberbischofsheim explained in the press conference. Anja Musch ranked 28th, Stefanie Kubissa 30th, Davina Hirzmann 34th. Svetlana Kormilitsyna from Russia became European Champion after having defeated Sophie Velikaia.

Unfortunately, the men could not realize their dream in epee. Sven Schmid suffered again from an elbow injury. He was kicked off after the first round. Jörg Fiedler from Tauberbishofsheim was eliminated and could not get to the Top 32. Fiedler, second ranked in the world, had to fight against his eternal rival, Gabor Boczko who dominated him in the bout with 10 to 7. "Normally you get such an opponent in the semi finale " mentioned the 32 year old from Tauberbishofsheim .He is critical about himself and he adds :"I don´t know. was it too much or too less risk ? Of course too less because I lost. I had decided to stay on defence but it was the wrong decision." His team mates Martin Schmitt and Christoph Kneip were eliminated after the best 32. Schmitt was defeated by Nikolai Novosjolov from Estonia 11 : 15, and Kneip by Radoslaw Zawrotniak from Polen who then got the Bronze medal. All in all Jörg Fiedler reached rank 33, Christoph Kneip rank 22 and Martin Schmitt 24.

European Champion 2010 is the Frenchman Jean-Michel Lucenay who dominated Gabor Boczko in the final with 15 to 11.

DFB has secured the third medal

Foto: Attaque/AIF


The German sabreur Sibylle Klemm from the FC TBB reached the semi-final at the home European Championships. The 26 old and right-handed is a guranteed medalist, since she has secured a bronze medal already. Nevertheless gold or silver medals are reachable.

Kleibrink und Co. live on TV today from 4 p.m.

Today, the German foil fencers around top stars Peter Joppich and Benjamin Kleibrink are on tour away from the piste: in MDR's live talk "Hier ab Vier" the top athletes as well as Sebastian Bachmann, André Wessels and Coach Uli Schreck can be admired in the studio while answering the questions by the moderators. The live transmission will start at 4 p.m.

Gold for Imke Duplitzer

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Eleven years after her first title in Bozen Imke Duplitzer now celebrated her second hugh European triumph. 

On this Sunday, Magdalena Piekarska (POL) was also not able to stop the flow of the German fencer from Bonn. In the final the new European Champion landed a convincing 15:10 victory against the Pole and displaced team mate Britta Heidemann as European Champion.

Everything begann at 8.40 a.m. with a narrow 8:7 win against reigning Olympic Champion Britta Heidemann in the table of 32. Victories against Anca Maroiu (ROM, 15:11) and Yana Shemyakina (RUS/15:13) followed suit. During her bout against Shemyakina there was a brief period of doubt regarding Duplitzer's success. However, the German demonstrated nerves of steel and turned the course of events to her advantage. At the end there was the decisive victory in the final against Magdalena Piekarska (POL) who was only at the beginning of the bout able to score. Duplitzer led 7:6 already at the end of the first third and sealed the victory with her 15th hit after 1:50 min. "Today, everything has been simply perfect. After all, I had to wait for 11 years for this success. I am more than happy that I could win the Gold Medal at these Championships in my home country" rejoiced the new European Champion after the final. The Bronze Medals have been awarded to Laura Flessel-Colovic (FRA) und Noam Mills (ISR).

The other German fencers Britta Heidemann (Leverkusen), Monika Sozanska und Ricarda Multerer (both Heidenheim) finished in places 26, 33 and 68.

In the male foil competition Andrea Baldini (ITA) repeated his success from Plowdiw last year. In the final the 25 year old defeated team mate Valerio Aspromonte 15:11. The Bronze Medals went to Renal Ganeev (RUS) und Richard Kruse (GBR). The German starters, having counted among the favourites prior to the start of the event, were not able to join in the fight for the medals and were eliminated in the table of 32 at the latest. 

Peter Joppich (35th) exited already in the first direct elimination round after his 12:15 loss against Belorussian Aliaksandr Chaliankov. Sebastian Bachmann (27th), Benjamin Kleibrink (29th) und Andre Weßels (30th) bade their farewell one round later. 

"Of course, this result is certainly not satisfactory, especially in view of our status as co-favourites. But in the team competition the guys have another chance to win a medal and they will make good use of this opportunity" declared Germany's head of delegation Manfred Kaspar.

With Imke Duplitzer's victory the German team already achieved its second individual medal and hopes for additional medals on Monday, the third day of these European Championships.

Duplitzer goes for Gold

Foto: Attaque/AIP


Due to her semifinal victory against Noam Mills epee fencer Imke Duplitzer took a vital step towards her second European Championships title of her career. The Bonn based fencer convincingly defeated Mills 15-8. Opponent in the final will be Magdalena Piekarska (Poland) who overcame Laura Flessel-Colovic (France) 13-12 after sudden death.


Duplitzer reaches Semifinal

Foto: Attaque/AIP

Epee fencer Imke Duplitzer (Bonn) has beaten Yana Shemyakina 15-13 and thus reached the seminfinal in Leipzig. The 34 year old will now meet Noam Mills (ISR). The second semi final will be contested by Laura Flessel-Colovic (France) and Magdalena Piekarska (Poland).

“In the first third I have not fully understood the style of my opponent, I have been in another movie because I had her with a different movement pattern in my mind. In the second third I knew which picture I needed and where I had to move, she fell into the trap each time. I have turned the table, simply phantastic” stated Duplitzer after the bout.

Nicolas Limbach wins Silver Medal

Fotos: Attaque/AIF

Nicolas Limbach (Dormagen) is the winner of the Silver Medal in the Men’s Sabre competition on the first day of the European Fencing Championships in Leipzig. Thus the German team was able to celebrate its first medal. In an exciting final bout Limbach was narrowly defeated by Alexej Yakimenko (Russia) by 13-15. After a bye in the first direct elimination round the 24 year old Limbach enjoyed a clear 15-4 win against Andrey Jagodka (Ukraine) and overcame his fellow countryman and local club member Benedikt Beisheim by 15-7. In the quarterfinals Russian Veniamin Reshetnikov was also not able to stop Limbach and lost 12-15. Oleg Shturbabin (Ukraine) was not successful either and lost the semifinal bout against Limbach 8-15. Finally, it was Alexey Yakimenko who succeeded in stopping the reigning world champion Limbach, favourite in Leipzig and one of the “faces of the European Championshps”.

“Of course, I wanted to win here” stated Limbach shortly after the final. “There is not often the opportunity to win a medal at championships on your home turf”. Nicolas regarding his opponent: “He is a very good fencer. At half time I was trailing too far behind. Then I had to fence quite offensively which bears the risk of getting some hits. Until 8-3 it has been extremely difficult to come back. Thereafter I dominated the bout but failed to decide the match at the end”. The Dormagen resident is quite happy with the day’s work: “The first day of the European Championships went very well. The Silver Medal was a very good start, although I would have liked to win Gold. I would like to thank all volunteers and fans who created an incredible atmosphere and ensured a smooth progression of the competition. Of course, fencing in front of a home crowd is twice as exciting”.

Björn Hübner (Tauberbischofsheim), Bronze Medalist at the European Championships in Plowdiw one year ago, missed the quarterfinals after a 11-15 loss against Oleg Shturbabin. At the end he finished in 12th place. Benedikt Beisheim achieved position 15 and Johannes Klebes (Tauberbischofsheim) finally ranked 33rd.

As opposed to the male sabre fencers the Germans were not able to join in the fight for the women foil medals. When Valentina Vezzali (Italy) was celebrated for successfully defending her title, the German quartet had to be content with their role of bystanders. EC rookie Martina Zacke (Berlin) and Sandra Bingenheimer (Tauberbischofsheim) lost already in the first direct elimination round. As expected both Katja Wächter and Carolin Golubytskyi (Tauberbischofsheim) reached the round of 16 but lost their bouts and subsequently missed the quarterfinals. Carolin Golubytskyi had hardly any chance against Olga Leleyko (Ukraine) and lost 4-15. Leipzig based Katja Wächter fought valiantly but was finally defeated 11-15 by Corinne Maitreiean (France). At the end of the competition they finished in 12th and 14th place.

It was a jet black day in the office for three time world champion Peter Joppich (Koblenz) who already lost in the round of 64. Joppich narrowly succumbed to Belorussian Aliaksandr Chaliankov in the first direct elimination round 12-15. The other representatives of the German team Benjamin Kleibrink (Tauberbischofsheim), Sebastian Bachmann and André Weßels (both Bonn) however already qualified for the round of 32 which will be held on Day 2 tomorrow.

The women’s epee competition, the second final on Sunday tomorrow, will see the all German bout of Britta Heidemann (Leverkusen) against Imke Duplitzer (Bonn) in the round of 32. In addition to this duo Monika Sozanska also qualified for the next round of this event.

Shattered dreams: no medals in the individual European Championship Women's Foil


Foil fencer Katja Wächter could not use her double home advantage: the athelete born in Leipzig, who was vociferously supported by a lot of fans in her hometown, lost the important fight for an entry to the top 8, just like Carolin Golubytskyi. Other female foil-fencers had to take a shower with big disappointment: Sandra Bingenheimer and Martina Zacke got dispite of their spunky performance just places 28 and 30.

The smallest team of the EC presenting itself

A quick chat with the Monegasque Trainer

Aurélie Boisson and Roland Mouflard are the only fencers representing the Principality of Monaco. Indeed, this tiny state on the Mediterranean Seaside does not only host the world-famous Casino, but is also the seat of a fencing club counting 200 members compared to only 6000 inhabitants. Both Monegasque fencers take part in the Epee Individuals competition. Their trainer is the former French team manager Michel Perin. Boisson and Mouflard firmly intend to qualify for the direct eliminations. Despite this high pressure about the qualification, trainer and fencers could find some time to visit the city. Leipzig is, architecturally speaking, a very nice place, according to Michel Perin, and also very tidy, he insists. Perin will next week return to his daily duties: training with Prince Albert.

Fencing Fencing Championships are about to begin

Noch verhüllt: Center-Court in der ARENA Leipzig/ Foto:Olaf Wolf

In less than 24 hours the European Fencing Championships are about to the start in Leipzig. In any case, the organizers report that everything is ready and good prepared for tomorrow's start. The ARENA Leipzig, venue for the European championships, where the last few days of the very hot summer weather had an impact on the wellbeing of everyone. Nevertheless our partner, the company Agrekko, was able to find a quick a suitable solution for the situation. The air conditioning specialist, helped the organizers quickly and easily. "Thanks to the help of Agrekko all athletes, guests and, volunteers will find tomorrow pleasant temperatures in the ARENA," informed Karin Strauch, executive manager of the European Championships.

After the arms control all go off to Hall

A day before the official start of European Champions the Arena Leipzig is filling up with athletes and coaches from all over Europe. One of the most far away arrivals, the Russian fencer, Artem Sedov, captain of Russia's foil team, spreads optimism: "We are well prepared and expect to reach the final in both events, the team and in the individual." Today he and his teammates will use the day to get to know the city a little more. Additionally it is an easy way to relax and clam before the showdown tomorrow.

Empty pists - full halls

Epee, Sabres and Foils are tested. The athletes, trainers and coaches explore with rapid steps the arena. While one still calmly chat with their team mates in the lounge, others start with the initial training program: Warm-up, individual lessons and training engagements, all to be observed in the fencing hall. The fencers are focused - they all want to present themselves and their country at the European Championships.

Last rehearsals are in full swing

In the Arena Leipzig the organisers rehearse diligently. The scenic fencing around the head leader Professor Clauss Grosser from the University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig rehearse again and again before the opening ceremony of the Fencing Championship. What will be seen was not betrayed by Professor Gross. Hence we should be thrilled.